The Necessity of Necessity: Turning 'Must' into Momentum

Have you ever felt the unstoppable urge to act?  

That moment when 'want' transforms into 'must'?  

This is Necessity in action, a force that Brendon Burchard deems essential for high performance.  

In "High Performance Habits," author Brendon Burchard unravels how necessity fuels our drive.  

Let's explore how to harness this powerful motivator.

This article is based on our highlights from the book, High Performance Habits by Brenden Burchard.

Understanding Necessity in High Performance

Necessity pushes us beyond ordinary.  

It's the inner drive that makes excellence non-negotiable.  

Burchard teaches us that high performance is rooted in this compelling need.  

Without necessity, goals remain dreams.  

With it, they become our destiny.

The Four Forces of Necessity According to Burchard

Burchard identifies four forces: 

  1. Identity

  2. Obsession

  3. Duty

  4. Urgency

Identity ties our actions to who we believe we are.  

Obsession with excellence keeps our eyes on the prize.  

Duty towards others gives our efforts meaning beyond ourselves.  

Urgency creates a timeline, making action immediate.

Cultivating a Sense of Necessity

Embracing Your Identity

Your actions reflect your identity.  

Align your daily habits with your core values.  

This alignment breeds necessity, making action a part of who you are.

Developing an Obsession with Excellence

Passion fuels obsession, and obsession fosters necessity.  

Find what ignites your passion and let it consume you.  

Let your desire for excellence guide your path.

Acknowledging Duty and Responsibility

We are part of a larger tapestry.  

Our duty to contribute gives our actions weight and urgency.  

Recognize your role and embrace it with vigor.

Creating Urgency

Deadlines aren't restrictive; they're liberating.  

They provide a clear timeframe for action.  

Set goals with deadlines to cultivate a sense of urgency.

Applying Necessity to Achieve Goals

Integrate necessity into your goal-setting.  

Let it be the fuel that powers your journey.  

A strong sense of necessity overcomes procrastination and fosters progress.

Overcoming Barriers to Necessity

Fear and uncertainty can dim the light of necessity.  

Face these challenges head-on.  

Remember, overcoming obstacles strengthens your resolve and deepens your necessity.

Necessity is the heart of high performance.  

Embrace necessity, and watch as it transforms your actions and accelerates your achievements.

Actionable Tips for Cultivating Necessity

  • Reflect daily on how your goals align with your identity.

  • Fuel your passion by setting aside time each week to engage in activities that drive your obsession with excellence.

  • Write down your duties and responsibilities to others, and how your goals support these commitments.

Necessity is not just about having to do something; it's about creating a compelling need to act, driven by a deep connection to our goals and identity. 

By embracing our identity, nurturing our obsession with excellence, acknowledging our duties, and creating urgency, we can turn 'must' into momentum. 

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